About us

SWFL Ballet is a result of a vision of many passionate individuals to create Not-for-Profit ballet school in the greater community of Southwest Florida with a purpose of providing a comprehensive ballet education from Pre-Ballet to a professional level, including post-graduate training and coaching for national and international ballet competitions.

At the age of modern technology and digitization we understand the importance of education of younger generation on topics of fine arts, classical music, world’s dance heritage and aesthetic beauty of expression on stage.

Our desire to share our love for ballet with young generation and their parents comes with a lot of obstacles, as more and more dance professionals agree that classical ballet is becoming less popular around the world and there are only few institutions providing a quality education in the field. We have heard stories of talented children with good dancing conditions not being able to find a local school with serious approach to dance education and forced to travel out of town and even out of state in order to receive a quality ballet curriculum. We want to change that! That is the reason why our Board of Trustees got together and founded SWFL Ballet!

SWFL Ballet was created as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization in order to extend the opportunity of ballet training to everyone who likes ballet, is passionate about ballet and wants to be a part of ballet family! We believe that there are talents out there waiting to be discovered!

As being part of the the charity organization our goal is to make it possible for students of all income to be able to receive ballet education our generous donors and sponsors make it possible – we welcome donations for a good cause and are working to spread the word around the community.

Looking graceful and effortless on stage – ballet requires a lot of discipline and committeemen.

Please read our Enrollment page with some useful information for new students.

We welcome everyone to come for a free trial and hoping to discover new talents!