School Policies

In order to be successful and achieve great results we encourage our students and their parents to familiarize themselves with the following SWFL Ballet Policies:


  • During the Trial Class students will be placed in classes appropriate for their level of physical and mental development
  • If at any time the Instructor feels that the placement is incorrect, the student will be changed to the appropriate class level


  • When enrolling, students should consider attending all classes offered for their level, so that they can continue to advance technically
  • Students are strongly encouraged to arrive to their scheduled class at least 10 minutes early to have enough time for changing, getting setup and start warming up
  • During each class there are short breaks to use bathroom, drink water, change etc.
  • After classes are finished, students should wait to be picked up in the lobby and avoid walking in the parking lot unsupervised
  • We strongly urge parents/guardians to be punctual when bringing and picking up their child(ren)


  • The scholl year is devided into Blocks, consisting of 4 weeks each. Please check our CALENDAR periodically, in case if there are any changes
  • Tuition payments are submitted per Block and calculated according to the amount of classes a student takes on a weekly basis
  • Payments should be submitted during the first week of each Block. A late fee of $25 will be added to the payments submitted late
  • All tuition, annual registration, private classes and late payment fees are not refundable
  • Classes are not transferable and there are no refunds for classes missed for any reason
  • Student, who missed a class due to illness, can attend a “makeup class” for their level (or lower level) during the same Block when they are missed
  • In the case of absence, please email, text or call the school and leave a message with the reason for absence prior to class time
  • Private classes should be scheduled and paid for at least 24 hours in advance