Adult Classes

We welcome you to join our Adult Ballet group, which is becoming more and more popular among ballet enthusiasts of all ages with different levels of experience – from introductory through advanced.

For those who danced as a child or a teen and would like to continue training or if you never had an opportunity to learn dance, you will discover an array of benefits, including:

  • maintain the desired level of fitness and muscle tone
  • develop flexibility and improve body posture
  • work on the discipline, dedicating time to yourself and your body
  • receive anti-stress benefits of classical music, smooth body movements and graceful lines of your reflection in the mirror, helping you to relax from everyday life
  • expand knowledge in ballet, music and develop understanding of the world’s most elegant and iconic form of art
  • learn to listen to your body and communicate with it via controlled movements, coordination and musical harmony
  • practice healthy eating habits and take care of your body