School year is devided into Blocks, cosisting of 4 weeks each. Please check our SCHEDULE for information when each Block ends and a new one begins. Depending on holidays and when the school year begins – Blocks fall on different days each year.

The payment for each Block should be submitted during the first weeks of each Block. $25 late fee will be added to the payment if submitted late.

The total amount due is calculated, based on the amount of classes a student takes on a weekly basis. As a general rule: the more classes a student takes each week – the cheaper it is priced.

Drop-in classes are available for walk-in students and for students who are enrolled in classes, but would like to take additional training.

In the beginning of each school year – an Annual Registration Fee should be added to the payment for Block 1. Those funds are collected to purchase supplies for the Office and other studio maintenance and upkeep items.